About Tarmac 

•    Long lasting
•    Highly durable 
•    Weather resistant
•    Easily installed by qualified professionals
•    Very quick to lay, with minimal disruption 
•    Can be suitable for some ( but not all) drive upgrades ie. laid over pre-existing driveway 
•    Suitable for all shapes & sizes of driveway / paths 
•    Available in a range of colours

A base, sub-base and binding course are required for all new tarmac drives and paths. As tarmac is an impermeable surface, UK Government legislation requires a drainage system to be installed to avoid risk of flooding. Planning permission is generally required. 

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) is the name given to the UK government legislation that came into effect in October 2008.

Sustainable Drainage Systems & Legislation I Find out more »

Booth Tarmacadam can undertake appropriate groundworks for paths and driveways as well as provide and install compliant tarmac driveway drainage solutions to meet your needs. 

Please note that as tarmac must be able to cool quickly, it is generally not laid during hot weather.